Come in from the Cold

This week's favourite virtual tour offers the perfect opportunity to warm up as the temperature outside begins to chill.

A fascinating compendium of Art Deco and Edwardian-style fireplaces made to order in an exciting combination of vintage styles.

Cats & Dogs

From its unassuming exterior in a busy industrial estate, the front door of 20th Century Fires leads straight into an amazing collection of fireplaces displayed in numerous different showrooms.

You're greeted downstairs with some fabulous period classics. The mix of styles includes the popular 30s, 40s and post-war hues of browns and creams fashioned from timber, tiles and marble, back to the bolder and brighter smooth and geometric Art Deco designs of the earlier twentieth century.

And don't miss some of the fun and quirky creations too, like the beautiful glossy-brown dog shaped fireplace next to the stairs or the striking black and white cat on the upper level.

"Once we'd made the dog," explained Malcolm from 20th Century Fires, "we had to even it up for cat lovers."

Feature Pieces

On the first floor, past the affectionately-recreated 1930s living room at the top of the stairs, are more spacious showrooms. A myriad of different fireplace designs line every wall and stand proudly back-to-back along the centre of the many rooms. Carved timber, shiny black tiles grouted in contrasting white, diamond-patterned hearths and beautifully mottled marble, each fireplace is a carefully crafted thing of beauty waiting to become an impressive feature of any room.

Take a wander and warm yourself up amongst the stunning displays, accompanied with antique ornaments and fireplace accessories including tile samples, mantels, grates and inserts.

Old to New

And before you leave, step out onto the gallery at the back of the shop and look over the spacious workshop below. Here you can see just where these wonderful works of art are created from scratch and where original fireplaces are reclaimed and brought blazing back to life.

Whether you're visiting in person or on the virtual tour, you can be sure of a warm welcome at 20th Century Fires.

Find 20th Century Fires at Vesta Works, Greg Street, Reddish, Stockport SK5 7BS. Tel: 0161 429 9042. They're on the web at and you can follow them on Facebook.

Date: 21 October 2016
Author: The 360 Company