Comics, Collectibles & Childhood Memories

Take a trip down memory lane with a virtual tour designed to awaken some favourite memories from your younger years.

In a Tamworth street lined with characterful old properties, you'll find a chocolate brown shop front amongst the row of many independent businesses. Far bigger than the outside suggests, Comictopia stretches back from the road through three spacious rooms, each one crammed with comics, superhero characters and countless other collectibles to catch the eye of your inner child.

It's the sort of retailer you don't find in many towns. The perfect place in which to stop, browse, chat about and buy your very own piece of childhood memorabilia.

Superhero Welcome

For owner Joshua Smith, Comictopia is a new business venture born out of a love of gaming and the search for a new occupation on leaving the forces. He opened the shop in April this year in a ceremony attended by the local Mayor, along with a collection of real-life comic characters which included Spiderman, The Joker, Stormtroopers and Princess Leia.

Step into the shop with its beautifully beamed ceiling and exposed brick walls and you're immediately surrounded by colourful comic covers and posters. Continue through into the adjoining rooms and you'll find not just comics but a plethora of other items to start or enhance any collection including TV/film merchandise, video games, clothing, American sweets, action figures, jewellery, stationery and plenty of other novelty items

If you fancy becoming Wonder Woman or Batman for the night, Comictopia also supplies fancy dress costumes in a variety of your favourite superhero characters.

The Force Awakens

Along with the extensive in-store collection, Comictopia can also source specific collectibles for you. "If you want a life-size version of the Hulk, for example," explained Joshua, "we can get if for you."

Young or old, whatever catches your eye, Comictopia has something for everyone. If you're looking for a blast of childhood nostalgia, make sure you browse the Classic Marvel comics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Jurassic World figures, Pokemon cards, and Superman t-shirts.

If it's original collectibles you're searching for - and especially for all you Star Wars fans out there eagerly awaiting the new movie about to hit the big screen this Christmas - don't miss Comictopia's new stock which is currently arriving, including mugs, iPad and iPhone covers, alarm clocks and action figures.

Find Comictopia at 49 Lower Gungate, Tamworth, Staffs B79 7AS. Tel: 01827 767540. They're on Twitter and Instagram, and it's great to see their tour embedded into Facebook.

Date: 20 November 2015
Author: The 360 Company