Food, Glorious Food at The Art House Cafe

The Glorious Art HouseAn exciting and colourful experience has arrived in the Devon city of Exeter with The Glorious Art House cafe and art gallery. As the website explains, it's a place for people to "sit in and feel they have travelled abroad, somewhere to get lost in colour, delight and joy!'

Inspired by co-owner Rosy's love of South American culture, colour is most certainly key to this kaleidoscopic gem. Combined with her son Derry's experience in cafe management, the pair have created a wonderfully warm, welcoming and vibrant destination in which to eat, drink and be merry.

Refreshing Hues

Located in Exeter's busy Fore Street with its eclectic community of independent businesses, The Glorious Art House occupies four floors, each one decorated in its own unique and animated style.

Tired and in need of a pick-me-up? Then you've come to the right place.

The 16th century building greets you in the busy street with its vibrant medley of shop-front colour. Inside, bright pink furniture, yellow walls and ceilings, huge ornate mirrors and artwork, and a fabulous long green and Mexican tiled bar and counter welcome those in need of refreshment.

Outside Space

Room at the Top

Don't stay at ground level, however; we recommend you take the time to explore the rest of this unconventional building in this week's favourite virtual tour.

Saunter up the wooden stairs with their rose wrapped banister and floral wallpapered wall to the secret outside courtyard; a quiet, sheltered space adorned with strings of fairy lights and an assortment of plant pots.

Climb further up the stairs and follow the fabric bunting which leads to the first floor. Here, the sunny seating areas are cheerfully painted in different hues of blue, with funky furniture and wall decorations - many of which are made by Rosy herself - adding quirky and colourful splashes.

The second floor awaits above more winding stairs, with its bright, airy gallery space in which local artists have the opportunity to display their work.

Then, finally, give your virtual legs a rest on arriving at the top floor. Affectionately known as The Crow's Nest, this cosy space with its lofty views across the city roof tops is home to Rosy's artist's workshop.

Fabulous Food

It's not only the decor which is memorable here, however. A look at TripAdvisor reviews confirm The Glorious Art House's credentials as a fabulous place to eat.

Further proof of the pudding (should you need it), comes from their recent awards and nominations including Winner of 'Diners Choice Award 2016' from OpenTable, and finalists in Exeter's 'Coffee Shop of the Year' and 'Best Cafe/CoffeeShop'.

Find The Glorious Art House at 120 Fore Street, Exeter, Devon EX4 3JQ. Tel 01392 490060. Check them out on the web, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Date: 26 August 2016
Author: The 360 Company