Great Taste & Flavour

A white door in the row of shops lining the High Street in Peebles marks the way to restaurant and coffee lounge, Mercat View. At the back of the elegantly decorated entrance hall is a winding staircase leading to a beautiful, bright venue above.

Opened just over a year ago, owner Susan McCleod worked with a designer and architect to transform the premises from the previous bar/club into the smart and stylish place it is today.

Wow Factor

The restaurant is warm and welcomingThe colourful decor greets you as you approach the top of the stairs; the striking and airy space being well worth the climb.

White walls are gloriously contrasted with those from the other end of the paint spectrum, standing out in a bold, rich red. The same eye-catching crimson and silver wallpaper as that in the hall below complements the colour scheme as it stretches the depth of the restaurant across the back wall.

Matching blinds hang above the huge sash windows, letting in plenty of natural lighting and offering the perfect place to sit and people-watch at the busy street below. Honey-toned wooden flooring spans the wide space and the walls are garnished with charming decorations including canvas paintings by a local contemporary artist.

Sitting Pretty

Along with ample seating for up to 40 diners at a time, Mercat View has a comfortable coffee lounge with plenty of room to sit and relax in leather tub chairs and sofas. An added bonus is the great view you have of the appetizing selection of home-made cakes laid out in all their mouthwatering splendour in the large display counter nearby.

This is also the ideal space in which to enjoy an after-dinner coffee following a hearty meal in the restaurant area. Particularly if you like to stretch out and loosen your belt a notch or two after a large plate.

Scottish Name

The Mercat CrossMercat View's name was inspired from the fact that the restaurant overlooks a large stone cross which stands proudly in Peebles High Street where the local market used to take place. The term 'mercat' dates back to around the 17th Century; a mercat cross being the Scottish name for a market cross.

The local community is important to Mercat View. As well as the wall paintings, goods such as meat, bread and ice cream all come from nearby suppliers.

This is a real feel-good food business. Warm, welcoming and with oodles of wow-factor, Mercat View is a venue where you can enjoy dining in style.

Mercat View Coffee Lounge & Restaurant is at 5 High Street, Peebles, Midlothian EH45 8AG. Tel 01721 729909. Look them up on the web at They're also on Twitter and Facebook.

Date: 27 November 2015
Author: The 360 Company