Lancashire Bars Inspired by 18th Century Artist

Named after the famous 18th century artist, satirist and political commentator, William Hogarth, this week's favourite tour of Hogarth's pub in Preston begins with a huge mural of one of the artist's work above the bar. William Hogarth Mural

Opened in December 2014, Hogarths is furnished in the style of a 'Victorian Gin Palace'. In a building which was built around 1892, significant refurbishment has resulted in an impressive venue with a classical Victorian look and feel.

Gin Lane & Beer Street

With over 100 public houses across the North, Midlands and Wales, parent company Amber Taverns has two pubs with the Hogarth's name in the area, with the other just 20 minutes away in Bolton. Familiar with William Hogarth's famous works of Gin Lane and Beer Street, they adopted his name for their new bars. 

A 'gin palace' is the name which was originally given to a lavish bar selling gin in the 18th century. These tended to be small shops, often chemist shops originally, with gin being widely used for medicinal purposes. Hugely popular, gin palaces offered bright, plush surroundings in which people could meet and drink comfortably. Their design influenced many aspects of later Victorian pubs.

Traditional meets Technology

With a belief in preserving the good old-fashioned standards of service and quality, Amber Taverns also embraces the up-to-date technology which many of today's customers are looking for. Both bars are styled in sumptuous Victorian-style decor, whilst also making the most of the latest audio visual equipment by showing live sport on numerous LED screens around the bar.

Traditional meets ContemporaryBoth Hogarths bars have a spacious and open community atmosphere, with additional partitioned areas offering more privacy for those who want it. Deep timbers, ornate mirrors, exposed brickwork, and stained glass windows enhance the Victorian feel, along with the old prints on the walls, chandeliers, tiled floors, and rich, red paint and carpets.

120 Unique Flavours

Wondering how many different types of gin there are, we asked Beverley Roberts at Amber Taverns. "We now stock around 120 gins, with 6 different tonic waters," she explained. "Gin is having a massive revival, with hundreds available at Hogarths. Favourite gins include Ish, Monkey 47, Beefeater 24, Edinburgh Raspberry, plus our very own Willie Hogarths Old Tom Gin."

With gins having their own unique flavours, one of the most curious is Cream Gin, made with real cream and, which Beverley tells us, is absolutely delicious served with Coca Cola. 

We look forward to finding out for ourselves soon.

Take a tour of Hogarth's Preston in the virtual tour below. Find them at 140 Church Street, Preston PR1 3BU. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. See their Bolton bar here

Date: 03 April 2015
Author: The 360 Company