Looking Good, Feeling Fine

If feeling good is something you enjoy (and let's face it, who doesn't?), then make sure you take a visit to our favourite virtual tour this week.

Hair, nails, health treatments, waxing, clothing and shoes for sale, and wholesome food and drinks are all on offer at Feel Good Factor.

A one-stop shop of comfort and relaxation where you can spoil yourself rotten and be guaranteed to leave feeling a whole lot more pampered and polished than you did when you arrived.

The Compete Experience

Step off the busy shopping street outside into an interior of calm and comfort at Feel Good Factor. The ground floor of this three-storey tardis of a shop is where you can begin by having your hair styled.

Huge oval mirrors, pink animal print curtains, shelves full of brightly coloured products, and squashy leather sofas confirm the fact that you've arrived at somewhere where, as the website says, you’re in for the 'Complete Experience'.

Sit back, relax and choose from the abundance of luxury treats and treatments on offer.


Upstairs on the first floor, funky leopard print paper and lime green walls sprinkled with splashes of vibrant decorations announce your arrival at the hair salon for children. No longer do little ones require coaxing and cajoling to have their tresses trimmed, this kids-friendly space is a colourful, fun-filled magnet which will appeal to even the most reluctant of the youngest generation.

Follow the chandelier-lit stairs further up to the rooms at the top where plush, towel-topped beds and soft pink sofas await your pampering desires. Massage, make-up, manicures and facials are just some of the beauty services offered here.

Perfect to ensure you look good, feel good and boost to those emotional barometers which help us all feel special.

Inside & Out

And when you've finished indoors, don't miss the chance to take a look outside. Stepping stones entice you along the vine-draped, tunnelled pathway to the pretty stone and decked courtyard beyond.

An outside space which perfectly mirrors the style and individuality of that inside.

Find Feel Good Factor at 10 High Street, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire GL10 2NA, tel 01453 821500. Look them up on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

Date: 11 November 2016
Author: The 360 Company