The Hottest Little Shop in Town

We're spicing things this Friday with a virtual visit to the fiery named Dorset Chilli Shop in Bournemouth. This tasty little retailer sells all things chilli-related, from the sweetest chilli jam to smoking hot sauces with names like 'Evil One', 'Psycho Juice' and 'OMG!' suggesting there's a bit of a kick contained in the some of the brightly coloured bottles on display.

Hot Sauces with names like 'OMG'

Satan's Spawn

Now, we love a chilli con carne as much as the next person, but we had no idea just how many different foods you can heat up with a dash of this flavoursome seasoning.

For those who prefer the mildest hint of chilli, there are some delicious olive oils, pickles, honey, and mayonnaise. And for anyone looking for a little extra culinary excitement, there are plenty of lively cooking pastes, dried spices, chutneys and drinks to sample.

Even the most hardened chilli-eating fans are sure to find a new experience at The Dorset Chilli Shop. We've tried chilli chocolate before, for example, but we've never heard of adding orange, tequila raisins, ginger or honeycomb to the mix. The addition of chilli to popcorn, too, is breaking new ground for us, as is the spicy boost given to chocolate spread with the inclusion of the peppery spice. We're told a dash of this stirred in with your Sunday roast gravy or drizzled over a juicy steak is absolutely delicious.

Not wanting to be left out, even the sweetest little Gummy Bears have had a feverish make-over with the devilishly-named Satan's Spawn Gummy Liquorice Bears!

Try before you Buy with some Delicious Tasters

Fiery Flavours

Chilli-lovers Andy and Lisa Guy opened Dorset Chilli Shop in March this year. After trying new and exciting foods in their many trips abroad, they became frustrated with having to wait for specialised chilli festivals to get hold of similar products here. No longer prepared to settle for the mass-produced supermarket products which lacked their favourite fiesty flavours, the pair decided they would source and sell their own.

And if you're not local to Dorset, you can now buy over the internet thanks to their brand new website This features a useful one to five chilli heat-rating guide for all the products, to give new customers an idea of what to expect in advance.

"If you are into chilli," said Andy, "then we are the one-stop shop and all-year-round chilli festival."

You can find Dorset Chilli Shop at 682 Wimborne Road, Moordown, Bournemouth BH9 2EG. Tel: 01202 536679. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and take their virtual tour below.

Date: 08 May 2015
Author: The 360 Company